The Mežotne Palace - The Pearl of The Latvian Classicism

Over a thousand years ago Mežotne used to be an ancient Semigallian stronghold.
The history of the Mežotne estate dates back to Duke Jacob's time - the middle of 17th century. Later, in 1795, the Russian Empress Catherine II granted the Mežotne  estate for lifetime use to the governess of her grandchildren Charlotte
von Lieven who was conferred the title of a countess in 1799.
 In 1797 Czar Paul I granted the estate to the Lievens as a patrimonial estate.
Charlotte von Lieven commissioned the building of the present day Mežotne
Palace in 1797 after the design of the Italian architect Giaccomo Quarenghi.
The construction of the residence was supervised by the Saxonian architect Johan Georg Adam Berlitz. The construction was completed in1802. During the agrarian reform of 1920 the count Anatole Lieven lost the Mežotne estate. From 1921 to 1944 the building accommodated an agricultural school. During the battles of World War II the buildings of the castle were partly destroyed. The restoration works that were initiated in 1958 by the Mežotne Plant Breeding and Testing Station saved the palace from complete devastation. The renovation of the palace was completed in 2001.